Guarantee Simple Digital Textbook Access

Higher education is more accessible than ever for students. However, textbook accessibility and affordability can be significant hurdles to academic success. Thankfully, technology is bridging this critical gap in higher education.

Platforms like BibliU can help guarantee simple and affordable access to digital textbooks for all students. Read more in our whitepaper to discover how Universal Learning is transforming learning.

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Deliver Day-One Access to Course Materials

Access to textbooks and course materials is absolutely critical for a student’s success. Yet in a 2020 study, 65% of students surveyed skipped buying a textbook due to the cost, even though 90% said doing so would negatively impact their grades. Therefore, the best way to ensure a student’s academic success is to guarantee access to all the course materials they might need.

The rise of technology and digital content can help combat accessibility and affordability issues. Digital textbook access can guarantee students have all of the course materials they need from day one of class, no matter what device they use. And universal learning platforms like BibliU are bridging the gap between simple content access and a truly engaging experience for students and educators alike.

An Unmatched Content Experience for Students and Educators

Universal learning platforms can deliver an experience like no other. BibliU has access to over 2000 publishers and OERs, plus a holistic analytics dashboard to measure student engagement and reading time. With such a wide range of titles and data at your fingertips, BibliU is helping to provide academic freedom for all.

With BibliU, you can pinpoint when and how students read course materials and get a better understanding of how users engage with content. Faculty can choose what content they use and its format, while students can easily download textbooks for offline access. It’s simple, straightforward, and easy for students and faculty to engage with the content they need, no matter the device they’re on.

Universal Learning: A Student-Centered Approach

Universal Learning is a new approach to providing critical access to textbooks, journals and course materials. It levels the playing field for all students, providing them with the content they need for all of their classes while lowering costs by 30-50%.

Beyond cost-savings for students, faculty and higher education institutions at large can see positive results from Universal Learning. With a robust digital content delivery system, libraries can easily offer textbooks to students while faculty aren’t limited to which publishers they can use in their classes. Plus, colleges and universities can see huge cost-avoidance savings with these kinds of digital platforms.

Universal Learning Is Transforming the World of Higher Education

Digital content platforms are tackling the important issue of accessibility for students and Universal Learning is leading the charge. Our whitepaper will show in detail how universities, faculty and students alike can all benefit from taking this approach for education.

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