Reduce Textbook Costs for All Students

A campus-wide solution, BibliU Universal Learning enables you to lower textbook costs by 30-50% while ensuring all students have access to the content and courseware they need on the first day of class.

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Why bibliu?

Enable Equitable Access to Learning Content

Affordable Content

BibliU's low per-student price helps save 30-50% on the cost of textbooks.

Simplified Adoption

Leverage financial aid and LMS integration, SSO, and training for academics and students.

Auxiliary Revenue

As the next generation of the campus bookstore, generate more auxiliary revenue for student services, bursaries, and more.

Improve Student Success With Analytic Insights

Digital content can improve student success rates by 8%. BibliU’s Learning Enablement platform includes data-driven insights into student study habits, content usage, and engagement to improve persistence.

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BibliU Universal Learning

BibliU is leading the way in Learning Enablement, reshaping how students learn in and out of the classroom.

Ensure Academic Freedom

Millions of digital textbooks, monographs, and courseware assets from thousands of publishers & OER sources.

Deliver More Engaging Learning

Section 508- and WCAG-compliant platform designed with accessibility and best practice student study habits in mind.

Conquer the Digital Divide

Any device, online and offline reading, print and digital options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Universal Learning work?

Universal Learning is a digital-first solution that works at a campus level. This content procurement and provisioning model packages content with enrollment in a class. This content is distributed through a Learning Management System (LMS) so students have access to the course materials they need from day one of class.

How can I save money with Universal Learning?

BibliU offers a transparent pricing model that helps colleges and universities save on their content costs with enrollment fees in a class.

Are e-textbooks better for learning?

E-textbooks and digital textbook platforms are great options for students and academics. Besides not having to wait for physical copies of books to ship, platforms like BibliU are built to help students better engage with assigned reading using courseware, which in turn fosters higher student success rates and learning outcomes. Between greater accessibility and lower cost, digital textbooks and courseware can be a fantastic tool for learning.

How does BibliU integrate with LMS?

The BibliU team will take care of all integration work. Our platform is API-agnostic and uses 1Link for single sign-on access, so it can integrate with whichever system your institution currently uses.

How can I get started with BibliU Universal Learning?

You can book a demo of our full platform to see BibliU’s features and capabilities for Learning Enablement.

Still have questions about BibliU? Send us a message and our team will be happy to help you!

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