eBook and eTextbook Procurement for Health Education

Reduce your digital content costs by 50%.

BibliU exists to help make educational content more accessible, affordable, and engaging. Our platform is used by over 150 universities to meet their content needs — including 60 higher education institutions in the UK. BibliU is now part of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Framework as an e-book supplier.

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Trusted by over 60 UK Universities

Access to Digital Content Without Limits

All the Titles You Need at the Best Price

Get access to all the content that you want at an affordable rate

  • 30-50% savings on textbook costs
  • Publisher content you can’t get elsewhere
  • Best prices on the market

One Platform for All Your Content Needs

All e-book you need, housed within a single platform

  • E-books and e-textbooks together
  • Consistent user experience
  • Easy content management

All E-books Made Discoverable

Make all titles discoverable in all NHS libraries

  • High-quality DBS MARC records
  • SSO across devices for all users
  • Online and offline access to all titles on any device

What is BibliU?

BibliU integrates fully with your existing systems - delivering a better experience for your students and academics, while also greatly reducing the workload for your system administrators.

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All Publishers,
One Platform

BibliU collaborates with over 2,000 publishers to provide access to 2 million titles. Students are able to access their reading materials through our platform on desktop, mobile and tablet on day one of class. Features such as highlighting notes, voice over generation or in-text quizzes make the learning most effective.

BibliU includes pre-built analytic dashboards, which you can use to discover insights into your content return-on-investment.

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Flexible Pricing Models

Get the titles you need while staying within your budget

Curated Learning

Create a curated catalog of e-textbooks

  • Choose e-textbook and e-book titles.
  • Pay a set price for titles.
  • 30-50% savings compared to alternatives.

On Demand Learning

Usage-driven procurement of titles

  • Get premium publisher content.
  • Set up a deposit.
  • Pay per use for titles.

How Others Use BibliU for Digital Content

Learn how Santa Fe Community College uses BibliU to provide day-one digital content access to their students.

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How the Pandemic Changed the Digital Learning Landscape

The pandemic has brought unprecedented attention to the issue of accessibility of educational content. As schools moved rapidly online last year, inequities in students’ access to the material they need for academic success became more apparent to institutions and faculty. Especially with the added difficulties of economic instability that the pandemic brought with it, access to learning content has become an urgent issue of equity and inclusion.

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Implementing BibliU’s Learning Enablement Platform

Learn how simple it is to integrate BibliU’s learning enablement platform.

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BibliU can help you transform the learning experience by making digital resources accessible and affordable to all students.

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