BibliU and the University of Phoenix          
Press Release 

BibliU and the University of Phoenix

A Trail-Blazing Partnership

BibliU has partnered with the University of Phoenix to provide digital textbooks to its c. 100,000 students and staff, the biggest program of its kind in the United States. This is the culmination of months of hard work and decision-making on both ends, and we’re proud that we can help the University of Phoenix’s students to thrive with equitable, digital resources wherever they are, whenever they’re studying.

We’re delighted to announce that BibliU has partnered with the University of Phoenix to deliver online digital content to their students. The University of Phoenix has always been a pioneer in providing online and digital solutions for their students, and BibliU is excited to help the next generation of the University of Phoenix’s students succeed in a rapidly changing world.

It’s incredibly exciting that this trail-blazing partnership represents one of the biggest digital textbook programs in the United States.

The University of Phoenix and BibliU

We’re incredibly proud to be providing digital resources to the University of Phoenix’s students, following a successful pilot in which BibliU beat out the competition. During the pilot, we were able to demonstrate not only the cost-effectiveness of our partnership, but were also happy at the overwhelmingly positive student reception of our platform.

This partnership between BibliU and the University of Phoenix is important for several crucial reasons, especially with many in-person institutions turning to digital learning to stem the spread of COVID-19. As the University of Phoenix is a primarily online university, they have a wealth of expertise in best practices for remote learning. Combining their deep expertise in at-home learning with our user-friendly platform, together we’ve demonstrated a model for other institutions investing in online learning tools.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, US undergraduate students spent an average of $415 on course materials. Our partnership with the University of Phoenix will provide essential course materials and support to students, all included within their tuition fees, going some way to eradicating the hidden costs of learning which have soared in recent years and continue to affect students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Together, BibliU and the University of Phoenix can dramatically lower the costs of attendance for students.

Shannon Meadows, BibliU’s Chief Revenue Officer, who has been leading efforts with the University of Phoenix for the past several months had this to say about our partnership with the University of Phoenix, and how it revolutionizes the higher education space in North America:

BibliU worked closely with the University of Phoenix’s academic and technical teams for months to pilot side-by-side with the prior provider to ensure that all student experience and operational efficiencies were equal or better than the current solution with the promise of a substantial reduction in cost. The teams worked well together, leading to a good working relationship as the transition between content platforms proceeds. BibliU is delighted to support the University of Phoenix’s goal of reducing the cost of education for students during the current economic climate.

Institutional benefits: BibliU brings textbooks to life & making learning more effective

BibliU is not providing the University of Phoenix with a cookie-cutter product. We worked closely with their administrative team to deliver a highly personalized solution to their content procurement needs. Moving forward, this individualized approach will enable us to adapt our service to the evolving demands of modern digital education.

We pride ourselves on making technology accessible so that students and staff can focus on the content. To that end, we provide industry-leading accessibility features, to ensure that every student has the support and features they need to succeed. The University of Phoenix’s accessibility experts provided their guidance to enhance the BibliU platform’s accessibility.

Other benefits of our platform include simplified content assignment and delivery, crucial data-driven content provision using live usage analytics, and improved student participation, with total content coverage delivering a seamless, modern reading list experience.

Modular, bespoke, and affordable, BibliU offers millions of titles from over 2000 publishers, large and small. We prioritize flexibility and tailor our product to fit the requirements of every one of our partners.

Whatever your needs, BibliU can help.

Want more? In addition to working with the University of Phoenix, we also work with more than a 140 institutions globally. In 2019 we partnered with Coventry University to provide the largest free eTextbook program in the UK and EU. Read more about it here.

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